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Ok, I got it
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News: I've changed the Full Tamapedia Index page a bit. It's still being changed, because I'm missing out some names (and there are no links or anything on it).
Tamapedia Pages
Full Tamapedia Index
P1 Tamagotchi
P2 Tamagotchi
Debirutchi no Tamagotchi
Ocean Tamagotchi
Garden Tamagotchi
Tamagotchi Connexion v1
Tamagotchi Connexion v2
Tamagotchi Connexion v3
Tamagotchi Connexion v4
Tamagotchi Connexion v4.5
Family Iro Iro Tamagotchi Plus
Tamagotchi Keitai
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Mesutchi and Osutchi
Tama Info and FAQ
How a Tamagotchi Grows
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KUCHI Family
Dead Tamagotchi, Dead...
Profile Page
All of my random collections
Tamagotchi of the Day/Week
Tamagotchi Battle!
Random stuff
Corner Shop
English- Japanese Names

My scribbleland.net Tamagotchi! Press A to feed and B to play a game and C to praise!
My Tamagotchi v1 (sorry about the small picture)
I really want information on:

Some V3 characters
Chou Jinsei Enjoi characters
Ura Jinsei Enjoi characters
Basically any character without a description!
Top 5 Contributors

1. SilverHanatchi (5 descriptions)
2. Elijah (1 description)
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